good morning to

the memories that

make my world so sweet.

good morning to

the rain that

comes today amidst defeat.

i dreamed of

smoke and wind

and love among a dreary day.

i dreamed that

you were there and

that you cared i couldn’t stay.

laugh about it

things are getting stale.

i weave my long tales

to welcome sunshine filter

weaving on through the air.


i may be fatigued,

my eyes might sting ..

but we find fine lines

to renew eternal green.


desires abbhored.

our wants have grown bored.

i think now’s the best time

to live life undeplored.


not a frightened child.

i’m tamed but barely wild.

it’s all in the way

that i laughed as i smiled.


the deepest thinkers
won’t desist
until they find
eternal bliss.

and anxious lovers
won’t let go
until the final
holy flow.

the seekers will not
stop to sigh
until their heartbeat
says goodbye.

but those who choose
the end of life
are wrought with pain,
hardship and strife.

unless with peace
they turn it in
with willing hearts
to start again.

sleep song

my burdened head

could almost hit the hay

before it hits the bed.

the angels said

there’s no other way

to find peace instead.

the sleepless nights

have little means of

causing slight.

no hopeless blight.

i drag blessings from above.

i’ll sleep tonight.


unyielding concrete and ungainly busses warble in the heat of the rising dew. the streets don’t forgive and i cannot seem to forget their complete lack of mercy. here lines are straight and stray dogs share dumpsters full of discarded food and empty boxes. the only shade has wilted away from the trees. the smog strangles cigar smoking fat cats in their sweaty business suits. the smell of coffee lifts me up, but i’ll be imbibing on cheaper corners than this.

i dust off my jeans, pick up my cup, and start walking.


you’re smothering me.

and i met you yesterday.

crushing me

between a rock and a hard place.


i need you to know

i cant do this anymore.

i had been feeling fine

and now i feel low.


youre an abominable growth.

youre a tightening of rope.

smothering me,

and it’s time for me to go.