an argument with logic and not feeling too good

so i’m thinking my blog sucks and my poetry sucks but i still want to keep posting my sucky poetry. i am thinking every time i post a new . whatever, i will delete all previous posts from before that were pre-existing.
i might even do that right now!
if i can stay awake long enough to initiate the plan.

update: i cannot. a deep exhaustion haunts me at every turn. i chase the shadows of rest at every corner, but that peace eludes me by my own movement alone. i must stop.

mind change option one reenactment for real this time initiated.

option one selected.

get back to it later. override confirmed and elephant ride rescheduled for tomorrow.

sleep tight. as is a side effect of options one, nineteen, twenty-three, seven, seven seven, seven-five, seven-five, three-seven point 93.

full systems reset coming up pretty soon hopefully. 


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