i hold my watch while the world is sleeping. the cold creeps in slowly seeping. i wrap in a blanket handed down, for no one else wanted it. ban me from my town. what a match we are. insinuating nothingness far. we understand one another, don’t we? the love is lacking. no words to atone me.

i must keep myself drugged or, i’ll wake up feeling mugged. is that why tiredness has fled? has fear of waking forced me from my bed?

in the end it doesn’t matter. in my end i’ll leave a fucking disaster.

it has already become. building slowly day by day. backwards reverb insinuates, but doesn’t explain.

my format is lacking. my words are slacking.

i turn around to greet your swerving tail in my shoes. heaven knows i would never touch a hair on you. i have animal instincts of my own. the will to flee, to stop in my tracks. to feel alone.

forget it. it all passes in a minute. but still i love you. your soft fur. the way you purr. to remind me that you feel alright.

that’s the best i could ask for, right?

otherwise, animals are screaming into the night.


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