i return home
to my own blood on the floor.
my tears soaked into the wall.

it may be months old but
i can smell it all.

and i feel it all over again.
a repetitive punishment
for feeling to begin.

anytime i express myself
i’m ostracized and pushed away.
alienated and caving
beneath the heavy weight
of my heart decaying.

do not allow them to
take me away.
i’d like to spend my own time
here in my lonely grave.

to get around to being
used to it.
feeling it closing as I’m
cased in it.

you’ll look away, screaming,
for you don’t like me for my
and so the cycle is complete.
for i don’t like the way
you feel about me.

goodnight, heavy soul.
goodbye to my emotions.
my very life has been stolen.
you won’t care to keep the portions.



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