without, within

how easy it is
to find your way in this world
with gps and street signs;
little maps and property lines.

we all know our hometowns
like an old armchair,
and we’re happy to show newcomers
the fastest road to there.

but what about ourselves?
what must hide behind our eyes?
do we know to mourn the loss
as our cells all slowly die?
they’re replaced by something new.
though i bet you never knew.
never felt a change
when they chose to rearrange.

sad but true.

the mind is such a maze.
for some it’s a few corners,
not too hard to find their way.

mine loops and spins and betrays
its host.
and i become a lucid ghost
cursed to wander twisted hallways.
doomed to learn there never was
a center anyway.
for each time i had found it
it had found the will to change.

confused within its trap.
my heart is wrapped up,
when my mind succumbs
to just relax,
and let it go.
just let it snap.

our inner selves are
wilderness, though
somewhat polluted.
no maps, no signal bars,
and the leaves of the forest
block out the stars.

how can we be so damn sure
when the sly translator
misinterprets the words?


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