Off topic on demand

so i’m here in LA, hours from home. subaru battery decided it was tired. so tired that a twelve amp electroshock direct to the nipples didn’t do any good. soo i needed a new battery. had to take a bus to get one. a bus that proceeded to take me on a tour of the entire sun valley area before taking me to my destination, and left for another tour before it finally came back round. in all, getting to the parts store and back took me four and a half hours. had to walk half a mile with a very heavy box full of explosive corrosive power.

so i got the new battery installed. (this, people, is why you always take a comprehensive toolset with you on road trips.) car started right up. but, now my stereo is fried. not sure what i did wrong there. i hacked my ignition switch years ago and perhaps it had somehow stuck in the accessory position thus shocking the stereo into auto heaven as soon as i connected the battery. so now i’ve got that to deal with. call me strange but i refuse to drive without any tunes to hurry me along. it just doesn’t feel right you know? but i have a few options i’m going to try today but for now i’m huddled in a coffee shop trying to get my wits about me. sleep (or lackthereof) is never entirely refreshing in a vehicle. i’m keeping the sledgehammer on standby.

so that’s it. just wanted to share my adventure which i’m sure is much more profound to me than to random strangers on the internet. that’s life for ya.


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