A eulogy

The stereo itself is fried. Will i ever get my CD out? What about those ten gigs of songs I faithfully collected? Unlikely. I won’t let this ruin my trip! I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy somewhere in this area. I’m hoping to get a stock replacement for free. If that doesn’t go through, I’ll probably end up buying a shitty one I’m not too fond of.

Why am I here in southern California you ask? There’s a jacket/shirt/can’t tell that a musician I like used to wear. He lives in this area now. Don’t think he’s been spotted in it for years. So I’m hitting up all the charity and second-hand clothing stores within a hundred mile radius hoping to find it. In all likelihood I won’t, but that was the inspiration and excuse to get away for a while. I’m just going to do some hardcore secondhand shopping and head back home. Ninety percent of my wardrobe is secondhand.

I’ve used poorer excuses to distance myself even farther from what’s been called home.

It’s simply a beautiful day down here so I’m sitting on the beach with a nice view of the Santa Monica pier, headphones cranked up to eleven, trying to get my music fix before I move on. I really shouldn’t go far before I get some news on a new (used) stereo.

I probably should be writing poetry or something.

Dear stereo

I mourn your loss.

I’d like to toss you

To the deep blue sea

To cool your fried


You probably wouldn’t

Like that much.

Table for two?

Let’s go have lunch!


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