You knew!

You knew I was yours.

That I cannot even begin

To attempt to try to doubt.

I know I’ll never understand

The inconvenience of an

Illegitimate child without a

Life beyond your hands.

You sent me to the pound.

After a time I was found

By the worst breed of

Two who were in need of

Someone to belittle and

Neglect and abuse.

Those were indeed

The sharks you fed me to.

So now that I’m grown

I don’t face them anymore.

I turn down their loans

And instead choose to sell off

Everything I own.

Just to survive.

And would you offer to be

Anyone to me

Or anything or any price

That might set me free,

I might turn you down.

Just like you showed me how.

But I still can’t decide.

I hate you, I love you.

I adore and despise.

Yet still within I feel

I should apologize.

How fucked up is that?

I inherited your music.

One day I’ll give it back.



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