fifteen seals of solemnity

Wash thy hands
and micturate.
Oh wait,
reverse the order.

Got no time
to wash my face or
I’ll be late.
I’ll be late.

Fire up the
tape recorder
and seal my fate. Dont forget –
Document the date.

Tomorrow may be
gone forever
and I won’t mind
for I will dine
on lucid dreams
to wake to screams
to counteract
the meaningless
worldly endeavor.

Nothing is enough.
My edges are rough.
I need a fix cause I’m
going down.

Surrounded by impotent
inadequacies reflected
in the eyes
of fellow humanity.

Where oh were
is my sanity?

I did not ask for this.
Thanks mum and pop
for making sure
I had enough to get by
for one more night.

Money might buy
enough to deny.
But I have none.
Where is that multi-million dollars
won through endurance
and creativity alone?

I think I’m more than you
ever were.

And I’ll die that way.

You’ll care not for that
notification of the time
I slip away.

I already have.
Here’s your update dad.

Fuck you and your little dog too!

I’m going home.
I’ll follow the moon.


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