a turn

i’m alive without you,

and your intentions to appease.

nevermind, i met you

on the shores of sunset seas.

i walked away from you

in sweet simplistic irony.

that was how i left you,

wondering what you’d done to me.

for Kim

we squeeze into our shells,

morphing; changing like a snail,

whose home is all it knows,

and into that shape it grows.

becoming its own:

solitary, alone.

little snail will crawl for miles

in its shoe without denial.

smooth moves



the world spins

lost lonely unadorned.

orchestrated music

to the timing of the spheres.

shaking sillhouettes

to the lining up of gears,

shifting sweetly

lost in play.

all the little movements

in the passing of a day.


ley lines fall like dominos

across the board.

power nestles in crevices

and swings with the tide,

which rises too high

to be ignored.

ignoble truths,

mountains stand aloof,

against the winds of time.

we’re destitute,

though we refute

our childish carnal minds.

helpless fear

anxiety is
a helpless thing.

hopelessly scared
of everything
that could have happened . .

shouldn’t have, or
wouldn’t have.

what a worthless

i’m shaking
though i try my best
to breathe.

instead my chest heaves.

the fire’s always
than at first
it would have seemed.


i tried to escape your chameleon-like ways. . .

that childish laugh. .

your elation at something so trivial.

i gave up searching for your inner workings,

and stayed the trivialities

for lonelier nights.